Festivals & Events

CBT organises a festival of horse and yak games outside of Sary-Mogol, generally the first weekend of August.


CBT has three homestays in town, the best of which is the one they run themselves just next door to the office. They also run three yurt-camps along the foot of the mountains south of town, catering to horse treks and hiking up the nearby valleys.


Several small cafes off the bazaar prepare a limited range of dishes for lunch or dinner.

Drinking & Nightlife

Shops at the bazaar sell the normal range of beer and spirits.

Guided Tours

The CBT homestay can arrange guides/horse treks including a seven-hour hike across the valley towards the mountains ending up at a yurtstay near Tulpar Köl. Near here there are views across the river to the Peak Lenin Base Camp at Achik Tash, but as long as you stay on the Lake Tolpur side, CBT claims you don't need the border-zone pass. It's also possible to hike for around four hours up the river to a viewpoint overlooking the surrounding glaciers.

In the mountains to the north of town, a three-day hike or horse trek over the Jiptik Pass (4186m) with yurtstay overnights leads to the village of Kojo-Kelen, from which an additional four days of tent camping circles back towards Sary-Mogol.