Numerous guesthouses line the final few kilometres leading up to the park entrance in the village of Arkyt, while the CBT guesthouse is the only show in town for trekkers planning trips out of Kyzyl-Köl village. It's also possible to camp in the reserve upon payment of 500som per person at the park entrance, but make sure to pay before you go in or the rangers at the lake will send you on your way come nightfall.


Most guesthouses can organise meals, or there are a handful of small cafes along the road through Arkyt. Small shops in town also sell snacks for a cobbled-together picnic on the lake shore.

Guided Tours

CBT Sary-Chelek, based in the tiny village of Kyzyl-Köl (which many locals know by its former name, Kuzgun-Tas) up the parallel Karasuu valley, organises horse and hiking tours. Their most popular program is a two- to three-day route looping around one easy pass and six smaller lakes before descending to the main Sary-Chelek lake, but they also organise trips as ambitious as an eight-day horse trek to the Talas valley through some quite wild backcountry.

With advance notice they can arrange guides (English/non-English speaking 1500/1200som), horses (900som) and gear rental (500som) at daily rates.