Central Asian in Bishkek


High-quality rapid-service local dishes at reasonable prices are brought by waitresses in scarf and tunic to heavy marble-topped tables. Expect queues at lunchtime. Tea costs 30som per pot.
Central Asian in Osh

Osh Ordo

Above the over-glitzy main restaurant is a summer rooftop with great views of Suleiman Too from stylish new tea pavilions, some set on rocker-wheels.
Central Asian in Naryn

Anarkul Apa Café

Small but relatively upmarket by Naryn standards. Remarkable for having an English-language menu and serving a few meat-free dishes (roast vegetables, cheese spaghetti).
Central Asian in Kochkor

Café Vizit

Clean and comfortable, if over-bright and often in a hurry to close early, Vizit is still open later than almost anything else in town and is the only Kochkor eatery with a menu in English. The duck brazier (sizzler…
Central Asian in Bishkek

Manty Bar

This is a cosy, comfy and very friendly place to compare speciality foods from several Central Asian countries. The signature manty (steamed dumplings) have a gourmet brilliance, encased in dreamily light dough as t…
Central Asian in Cholpon-Ata


Behind the bus station, this semi-smart if hardly glorious place serves tasty, rapidly prepared local meals plus more exotic sizzler (zharovni) plates.
Central Asian in Osh


Cavernous, old-fashioned chaikhana-restaurant with curtained-off family booths and excellent home-made laghman noodles. There are several other chaikhanas along the same strip.
Central Asian in Chayek

Cafe Daan

Along with the chaikhana-shop next door, Daan is essentially the only regular eatery between Kochkor and the Osh road. Fortunately the food is better than you might expect from the slightly tired interior.
Central Asian in Kochkor

BNB Stolovaya

Fill up for under US$1 at this popular central canteen with a short menu of pre-prepared local standards.
Central Asian in Kochkor

Kafe Azem

Kochkor's grandest venue is primarily a wedding hall but serves a-la-carte when no parties are planned.