Osh attractions

Market in Osh

Jayma Bazaar

Osh Bazaar is one of Central Asia’s biggest markets dealing in everything from traditional hats and knives to seasonal fruit to horseshoes forged at the smithies in the bazaar. Many stalls are crafted from old conta…
Mountain in Osh

Suleiman Too

This five-peaked rocky crag seems to loom above the city wherever you go. It has been a Muslim place of pilgrimage for centuries, supposedly because the Prophet Mohammed once prayed here. Its slopes are indented wit…
Park in Osh

Navoi Park

Stretching south along the river from where the bazaar ends, leafy Navoi Park is a favourite local hang-out. Highlights inside include a gaming area where ak-sakal (white-beard) elders play chess, and a Yak 40 airpl…
Museum in Osh

Fine Arts Museum

A surprisingly well-curated collection of art ranges from socialist realism to Central Asia modern museum staff are passionate art lovers and happy to share their knowledge with visitors who can speak Russian or Kyr…
Park in Osh

Petrovsky Park

Centred on the 1909 St Michael's Cathedral, this large park off the central square is worth a wander to see monuments dedicated to WWII soldiers, Chernobyl victims, and the 2010 events in Osh. Visit during the Desti…
Market in Osh

Osh Animal Market

If you're in Osh on a Sunday morning, hundreds of sheep, donkeys, horses and cattle go on sale at this traditional livestock market. Some may find the conditions of the animals here distressing. To get there, hop on…
Mosque in Osh

Rabat Abdullakhan Mosque

This 16th-century mosque is believed to be one of the oldest structures in the city, and though the ornate wooden doors to the 'Old Mosque' compound are considerably newer than that they certainly add to the aesthet…
Monument in Osh

Lenin Statue

One of the most impressive Lenin statues still standing in all of Central Asia appears to be objecting to the massive Kyrgyz flag flapping in front of him as he faces down the modern city hall.
Islamic Site in Osh

Dom Babura

The one-room Dom Babura is a 1989 reconstruction of an historic prayer-room whose tradition dates back to 1497. In that year the 14-year-old Zahiruddin Babur of Fergana built himself a little prayer-retreat here. La…
Museum in Osh

Suleiman Mountain Museum

What appears to be a gigantic Georgian lady's bonnet protrudes from a southwestern crag of Suleiman Too. This marks the exit hole of a cave within which a museum attempts to illustrate the region's histo-religious d…