Top things to do in Naryn

Central Asian in Naryn

Anarkul Apa Café

Small but relatively upmarket by Naryn standards. Remarkable for having an English-language menu and serving a few meat-free dishes (roast vegetables, cheese spaghetti), but only the brave will try the sushi in remo…
Barbecue in Naryn

Zubr Cafe

Excellent shashlyk and slight-chilled beer at private tarpaulin booths just by the river. There's no sign as such, but walking to the centre from CBT it's the obvious grouping of green tent roofs just before the str…
Viewpoint in Naryn

Naryn Panorama

As the highway towards Baetov and Kazarman tops a small pass to the west of the city, look for a dirt road turnoff that leads to a viewpoint of the city. It's popular with locals.
Arts & Crafts in Naryn

Kyrgyz Uz

Shyrdak and ala-kiyiz carpets, plus a selection of modern souvenirs, are available at this women's cooperative next door to CBT.
Gallery in Naryn

Art Gallery

Painting and sculpture from a collection of Kyrgyz artists, primarily those who originate in Naryn. There's also a small gift shop off the lobby.
Central Asian in Naryn

Kafe Ademi

One of several eateries facing the east side of the bazaar, the standard local menu here is a good value.
Cafe in Naryn

Nomad Cafe

Coffees, cakes and a menu of Kyrgyz and Russian dishes on Lenin just east of the main square.
Museum in Naryn

Regional Museum

This little museum has two attractively presented ethnological rooms but is more interesting for the 1960s photos of Naryn in its Soviet heyday...and for Kojumkul's giant pyjamas.
Market in Naryn

Naryn City Supermarket

The large supermarket with a good selection of packaged goods is a decent place to stock up on staples before a hike.
Monument in Naryn

Freedom Statue

Right on the square, this monument is the go-to photo spot for newly-weds in Naryn.