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Use the Main Bus Station for Bishkek or Almaty, the Southern Bus Stand for towns along the south side of Issyk-Köl. Marshrutka services from either station run to Balykchy, where passengers for Naryn and Kochkor usually need to change. For destinations in the Ak-Suu region surrounding Karakol, services leave from various points around Ak-Tilek bazaar.

Main Bus Station

In addition to the scheduled services from the main bus station, untimetabled minibuses and shared taxis leave from outside the station when full to Bishkek (shared taxi 600som) and Cholpon-Ata (shared taxi 200som).

DestinationFare (som)FrequencyDuration (hr)
Almaty, Kazakhstan (via Bishkek)7504pm11
Balykchy (via North Shore)017816 daily (7am-2pm)3
Bishkek (via North Shore)32211 daily (8am-6pm)5
Bishkek (via South Shore)32211 daily (7am-6pm)6
Bokonbaevo1072.20pm, 3.10pm2
Cholpon-Ata11112 daily (7.30am-6pm)`

Southern Bus Stand

Buses for the southern shore of Issyk-Köl depart from the Southern Bus Stand, as do shared taxis for the same destinations.

DestinationFare (som)DepartureDuration (hr)
Balykchy (via South Shore)1787.50am, 8.50am, 9.50am, 10.50am4
Barskoön679.50am, noon, 2pm, 3pm, 5pm
Bishkek (via South Shore)3227.50am, 8.50am, 9.50am, 10am6
Bokonbaevo1071.10pm, 3.10pm, 4.10pm, 5.10pm2
Tamga681pm, 3pm

Regional Destinations

Most regional buses leave from one of three points around Ak-Tilek Bazaar. Shared taxis use the same points.

Ak-Suu Region For village along the Ak-Suu highway, many of which are trailheads for local hikes, marshrutka 383 stops on the highway near Jergez (30som, 30 minutes) and Boz-Uchuk (40som, 45 minutes) from Ak-Tilek bazaar's Ak-Suu bus stand.

Ak-Suu Village Marshrutka 350 (30som plus 20som per piece of luggage, several per hour) from the southeast side's Ak-Suu stand.

Jeti-Ögüz Marshrutka 371 to Jeti-Ögüz village runs roughly hourly when full (60som, 30 minutes) but rarely before 10am. Marshrutka 355 to Jeti-Ögüz Korort (100som, 45 minutes) departs several times weekly on an unscheduled service, typically late morning and possibly mid-afternoon. A shared taxi from the village to the resort should charge 60som.

Jyrgalan Minibus 331 (80som, 1¾ hours) departs thrice daily (8.30am, 11.30am and 4.30pm). They're generally labeled Shakta, by which the village is often still known, departing from the Ak-Suu stand.

Karkara and Tüp area Rickety marshrutkas leave once daily (200som, two hours) at 1pm for the Karkara Valley via Tüp and the San-Tash stones. They're generally signed as 'Sary-Tologoy', where the service terminates about 35km before the Kazakh border. Some marshrutka drivers can be convinced to continue to the border for an additional 250som per person. A taxi to the border should be between 2000som and 3000som. It's also possible to head to Tüp on the 120 (30som, one hour) and try to transfer to a taxi there.

Pristan Minibuses marked Plazh or Dachy (which has the longer stretch of beach) leave roughly half-hourly from near the corner of Gagarin and Alybakova from 6am to 6pm, and pass within 200m of the Przhevalsky Garden.