Top things to do in Kochkor

Barbecue in Kochkor

Shashlyk Nur

The grounds are run-down, the music's too lound, and it's too far from the centre – but take a bit of the delicious shashlyk and you'll agree it's worth the trip. Puzzlingly, shashlyk is listed on the menu in Kyrgyz…
Arts & Crafts in Kochkor

Altyn Kol Handicraft Coop

Felt-work galore, with a focus on shyrdak and ala-kiyiz carpets but also everything from mobile-phone cases to felt toys for the kids. Adjoining the CBT office, this NGO provides trainings and a showroom for local c…
Cafe in Kochkor

Retro Cafe

The selection of national foods and hot drinks – most notably a proper espresso – have made this a bit of a traveller hangout in Kochkor. Just inside the entrance, the Nomad Travel tour agency arranges the standard …
Bazaar in Kochkor

Kochkor Animal Bazaar

Kochkor's town livestock market is open on Saturday mornings. Some will find the conditions here exotic, others distressing.
Central Asian in Kochkor

BNB Stolovaya

Fill up for under US$1 at this basic central canteen with a short menu of pre-prepared local standards. It's hard to see from the street, hidden behind a large tree that shades the entrance.
Central Asian in Kochkor

Kafe Azem

Kochkor's grandest venue is primarily a banquet hall but serves an á la carte menu when no parties are planned. It's reliably clean, but the food is so-so.
Central Asian in Kochkor

Café Vizit

The standard Central-Asia fare is quite good, though service slow and most of the menu unavailable on any given day.
Market in Kochkor


Vegetables and packaged goods on offer, convenient for stocking up before a trek.
Museum in Kochkor

Regional Museum

If you have time to kill you could peruse the small regional museum with its yurt, collection of local Kyrgyz crafts, plus displays on Soviet-era local heroes. Outside are a handful of balbal (bronze-age stone stele…
Statue in Kochkor

Lenin Statue

In front of the regional government building, this silver-painted Lenin statue catches the eye.