Karakol shopping

Local Products in Karakol

One Village One Product

Beautifully presented selection of locally sourced products including delicious jam and apricot juices from Jeti-Öghüz, natural soaps from Tasma, threadless slippers, beeswax candles, silk-felt hybrid products, toys…
Antiques in Karakol

Antique Shop

Most of the Soviet-era products for sale at this small corner shop come with a history that far outweighs their size or price, and owner Alexander seems to know the stories of absolutely everything in the store.
Sports & Outdoors in Karakol


Stop by for a decent selection of outdoors clothing and apparel, or in winter time to rent snow-sports equipment.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Karakol

Kork Art Gallery

Many of the most artistically imaginative shyrdak that you see around town are created by this family company, which has several small workshops tucked into the ageing buildings behind the contrastingly spruce shop.