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When the people of Karakol go for ashlyanfu, this tin-roofed shack off Jusaev is where they go. It's the best in the city, therefore perhaps the best in the whole world. There's no menu, just bowls of ashlyanfu and …
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Reina Kench

Slightly classier than the competition – the modern styling complement an English menu with a wide range of usually reliable options. Sadly the summer terrace has barbeque but not beer, which would make it a perfect…
Central Asian in Karakol


A large selection of the multi-ethnic food that makes Karakol so exciting, served on a nice summer terrace. The menu is a bit hard to decipher for non-native speakers, but if in doubt order the tasty azu.
Central Asian in Karakol

Caravan Cafe

A wide menu of Kyrgyz, Russian and Chinese dishes in an arabesque-styled dining room overlooking the main drag. Food is of a reliably high quality, and there's more atmosphere here than most places.
Central Asian in Karakol


A wood-panelled dining room and log-cabin feel sit just fine with the particularly good laghman and shashlyk. Beer lovers should order the salted fish, an excellent accompaniment.
Central Asian in Karakol


Local and western dishes, including hard-to-find meats like horse and yak. Service is quite good and excellent English is spoken, making it a popular stop for travellers and locals alike.
Central Asian in Karakol

Ashlyan-Fuu 2

With less vinegar and spice than most, this place is a little more suited to delicate palates than other ashlyanfu joints while still retaining the authentic flavour.
Central Asian in Karakol

Kochevnik Cafe

As you might expect from a name like 'Nomad', it's heavy on Kyrgyz cuisine and the kuurdak (fried meat, onion and potato) is particularly good.
Central Asian in Karakol


National cuisine and shashlyk, plus cold draft beer. Service is a bit slow, but food is reliably good and the location is extremely central.
Central Asian in Karakol


We're sure everything on the menu is good, but listen. It's called 'Laghman House'...order the laghman. Some of the best in town.