Karakol attractions

Viewpoint in Karakol

Jolgolot Viewpoint

Hike the hour or two up from the village of Jolgolot (a suburb of Karakol) to take in stunning views of the city and Issyk-Köl to the north and the Karakol Valley to the south. Return the same way, or loop through t…
Market in Karakol

Karakol Animal Market

Early on Sunday mornings one of Kyrgyzstan's biggest animal markets takes place around 2km north of central Karakol. Typical of such markets, you'll observe locals bargaining over thoroughbred horses or improbably b…
Museum in Karakol

Przhevalsky Memorial Museum

The main attraction of the shrine-like Przhevalsky memorial garden is a small, well-presented museum dedicated to Nikolai Przhevalsky, the Russian explorer who died here in 1888 and for whom Karakol was previously n…
Cathedral in Karakol

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Set peacefully amid trees, this hefty wooden structure is topped with green-roofed towers and almost-golden onion domes. The 1872 stone original was destroyed by an 1890 earthquake. Built on the same foundations a n…
Museum in Karakol

Karakol History Museum

Occupying an archetypal 1887 Russian house, this museum has a few Scythian bronze artefacts, local tools and musical instruments. Taxidermists' victims share a room with exhibits celebrating the Kumtor Gold Mine. Li…
Park in Karakol

Victory Park

In addition to the standard monument of Victory on a plinth, memorialising the end of WWII, Karakol's Victory Park also includes an interesting monument to the victims of Stalinist repression (to the right upon ente…
Park in Karakol

Karakol River Park

Developed under the initiative of the Destination Karakol public association, this area of nicely maintained land alongside the Karakol River has benches, barbeque grills, and a small stage where occasional concerts…
Mosque in Karakol

Dungan Mosque

A tip-tilted triple roof, carved-layered eaves and wooden exterior pillars give this colourful 1910 mosque the look of a Chinese Buddhist temple. Remarkably it survived the early Bolshevik era, which saw the town's …
Notable Building in Karakol

Merchant's Home

This two-storey home with an ornate balcony is one of the most attractive historic structures in town, but sadly isn't open to the public.
Notable Building in Karakol

Pedagogical College

Attractive historic building just opposite the cathedral, worth a look though they don't welcome tourists wandering in.