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2 Days Best of Kyrgyz Canyons

This 2-day tour is a great combination of differernt experiences. This unique offer includes the most beatiful places and at the same time not very well promoted but great scenic canyons, which are totally different one from another. You will experience hiking, local cuisine, the most beautiful views and yurt stay just having short 2-day trip.
2 days
Multi-day & Extended Tours

From Karakol 3 days trekking to Ala Kul lake and Altyn Arashan

Itinerary Kyrgyzstan is a land-locked country in Central Asia, located along the ancient Silk Road, a crossroad for people of various origins and traditions, yet the prevailing culture is that of a nomadic lifestyle shaped by the natural surroundings. Kyrgyz shepherds move around with their flocks of animals according to seasons, living in tent-like homes called yurts; there’s a saying that goes “only in death, when he is buried, that a Kyrgyz stops wandering”. Kyrgyzstan rewards visitors with unspoiled nature, hospitality, and free spirit of nomadic traditions. In summer, high plateau pastures (jailoo) and lakesides are dotted with nomad tents, it is the best season to experience nomad lifestyle.
3 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Jeti Oguz hike and SPA Massage

Here comes the most exciting part of your Karakol trip. See the most mesmerizing valley, gaze at the weirdly shaped red cliffs, shower in the roaring waterfall and get the most rewarding feel good massage after an informative tour with full of excitement and activities. Hurry, book your happy memories!For itinerary, please visit our website: https://duetkarakol.wordpress.com/tours/
7 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Fishing in river Kokomeren tour

Take a ride to Kokomeren river through Too-Ashuu pass, admire the panorama and enjoy the fishing entertainment. During the trip you will also visit Suusamyr valley, the Kojomkul’s Museum, Kyzyl-Oi village, Kokomeren river. On the way back Kochkor village, Orto-Tokoy reservoir, Boom Gorge, Ak-Tyuz Gorge. It is not just entertainment tour with spectacular scenery, it is a perfect escape from civilization to explore the nature, history and culture of local people
2 days