Trekking & Horse Riding

A network of trekking and horse riding routes extends across the mountains of the Southern Shore, linking up in an almost unbroken chain of valleys and passes all the way from Jeti-Ögüz to Kochkor (in Naryn). Maps of the region are available from TUK in Bishkek, Destination Karakol and CBT offices, as well as many tour and trekking agencies. Most routes are only faintly marked, if at all, and should not be attempted without a quality map or a trekking guide.

CBT Bokonbaevo can arrange guides and horses (as well as equipment rental) for a number of excellent trekking routes across the Southern Shore, the best of which include:

Panorama Four days on a circle route south of Bokonbaevo, peaking at a 3300m pass with fantastic Issyk-Köl views.

Teshik-Köl Four days riding up an old jeep road over the 4023m Ton pass and into the hills to a small mountain lake, returning to Bokonbaevo along the same route.

Boz-Salkyn–Barskoön Four days connecting Bokonbaevo to the Barskoön Valley via Boz-Salkyn jailoo, and the Shatyly Viewpoint via the Tosor Pass, Kokui-Köl lake and the Kerege-Tash gorge.

Juku–Barskoön Four days from high up the Barskoön valley to the shore of Issyk-Köl at Saruu village via the Düngürömö and Juku valleys, with a side-trip up the 3672m Juku pass.