Theatre in Bishkek

State Opera & Ballet Theatre

Classical and local productions are staged in this elegant building, usually starting at 5pm Friday to Sunday, autumn to spring. Check the billboards outside for upcoming shows. Same-day tickets are often available.
Theatre in Bishkek

State Academic Drama Theatre

On the east side of Panfilov Park, this is the place for popular Kyrgyz-language works, more often than not written by Chinghiz Aitmatov, Kyrgyzstan’s premier man of words.
Concert Venue in Bishkek


Features Western and Kyrgyz orchestral works and the occasional Kyrgyz song-and-dance troupe. The kassa (ticket office) is on the west side.
Circus in Bishkek


Shows, in what looks like a 1950s UFO, can be very impressive.
Theatre in Bishkek

Russian Drama Theatre

For classics in Russian.