Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$40

  • Hostel dorm (Bishkek) or rural homestay: 400–700som
  • Street snack: 40–60som
  • Self-service cafeteria meal: 60–150som
  • Museum admission: 50–150som
  • Long-distance marshrutka ride: 150–500som

Midrange: US$40–80

  • Midrange hotel: US$30–50
  • Full day horse riding with guide: 1800–3000som
  • Good restaurant meal in Bishkek: 400–1200som
  • Long-distance share-taxi seat: 300–1000som

Top end: more than US$80

  • High-end or boutique hotel: US$60–200
  • Long-distance car with driver per day: 3000som
  • Private kok boru demonstration: 17000som