Supara Chunkurchak is a delightful, yet expensive, escape from Bishkek.


The Supara Ethno-Complex's Chunkurchak location is a year-round destination in itself for affluent locals, while in winter cafes operate at the ski complex for hungry skiers.



Just south of the final turnoff to the Supara Chunkurchak resort complex, a small side valley called Shal Boto (Шал Бото) leads east to a brilliant overlook of the Alamedin Valley (round-trip 9km, 3 hours) and from there south to the top of 3910m Peak Zelenkovoy (round-trip 12km, 8 hours). Either makes an excellent day trip from Bishkek or for guests staying at the resort.

Lower down the Chunkurchak road, just past the village and ski base at Tatyr, an unmarked dirt road turnoff to the west is the trailhead for a full-day hike (14km, 6 hours) to the village of Kashka-Suu near the entrance to Ala-Archa National Park. The route is rarely used and often doesn't follow a defined trail, so should only be attempted by hikers competent in orienteering and route-finding, but dramatic rocky gorges and a small waterfall make for a nice outing.