Top things to do in Cholpon-Ata

Top Choice Sports in Cholpon-Ata

World Nomad Games

Held every two years in even-numbered years, this gathering of global sportsmen competing in traditional nomadic sports is a highlight of the entire region. Sports competitions are held at the Hippodrome just east o…
Museum in Cholpon-Ata

Nomad Museum

This surprisingly well-curated museum displays artefacts and exhibits on traditional Kyrgyz culture, clothing, and history in an airy space that draws inspiration from the yurt. Separate museum spaces are planned on…
Seafood in Cholpon-Ata

U Rybaka

As one might expect from a place called 'the fisherman', seafood is the highlight of the menu as this local favourite. Both the ground floor tables and the 2nd-floor terrace get boisterous on summer evenings, but dr…
Central Asian in Cholpon-Ata


The Cholpon-Ata branch of this popular Bishkek restaurant serves up reliable local dishes and hit-or-miss European favourites. It's also one of the few in this summer city that stays open year-round, though service …
Stadium in Cholpon-Ata


The large open-air stadium east of the centre is host to occasional concerts and events, but really comes to life every two years as the base for sports competitions during the World Nomad Games festival.
Russian in Cholpon-Ata

Green Pub

With more atmosphere than most and open year-round, this low-lit, green-decor pub-restaurant with heavy wooden tables and a partially covered summer terrace offers excellent if pricey Russian bar meals including bar…
Rock Art in Cholpon-Ata


North of the centre is an extensive field of glacial boulders, many with pictures scratched or picked into their surfaces. Some of these petroglyphs date from the Bronze Age (about 1500 BC), but most are Saka-Usun (…
Museum in Cholpon-Ata

Regional Museum

This typical, well-presented museum includes copies of locally found Scythian (Saka) gold jewellery and displays on ethnography, Kyrgyz bards, textiles and underwater archaeology plus a 3D model of Issyk-Köl showing…
Museum in Cholpon-Ata

Rukh Ordo

This curious museum-cum-theme-park depicts Kyrgyz legends, historical characters, and the interplay of five religions in a large and somewhat surreal beachfront complex. The setting is quite attractive, though witho…
Ferris Wheel in Cholpon-Ata

Ferris Wheel

Kyrgyzstan's largest Ferris wheel, where the sixteen-minute ride gives plenty of time to admire the lake- and mountainscapes surrounding the town of Bosteri (around 10km east of Cholpon-Ata). It's on the waterfront …