Top things to do

Cafe in Chaek

Cafe Aika

On the 2nd floor of the bus station, this is some of the best food in Chaek. It's also a popular spot for wedding receptions and parties, so you may well end up making some local friends as well.
Hill in Chaek

Panorama Hill

Following the rough road past the Tagai Guesthouse, an easy 30 minute walks winds past the local kok boru field and then up this hill with views out over Chaek village and the Jumgal Valley. The metal building to th…
Museum in Chaek

Jumgal Regional History Museum

One hall dedicated to famous former Jymgal resident Kojomkol, reported to have weighed in at 208kg and more than 2m tall, is interesting for a look at artefacts and photos connected to his life, and another dedicate…
Mausoleum in Chaek

Arab Mausoleums

Though little is known about the history of this mausoleum and accompanying prayer hall, the Arabic inscriptions and stylised architecture lead locals to speculate of a 17th-century Silk Road origin. Beyond just the…
Cafeteria in Chaek

Minutka Cafeteria

This small cafeteria across from the museum serve up quick versions of Kyrgyz staples, and the small billiards hall in back serves as something of a centre of nightlife in Chaek.
Central Asian in Chaek

Cafe Daam

Standard menu of Kyrgyz mains, though it's a bigger and cleaner space than many of Chaek's cafes.
Cafe in Chaek

Cafe Y-MAN

Serving national cuisine and fast food, this small cafe is a good bet for a quick lunch.