Western Bus Station

Bus Station in Bishkek

Confusing even for locals, the big main building is almost entirely redundant except for a few windows desks pre-selling night-bus routes. There are essentially three separate bus areas. The east and west ones have when-full departures, the north one has approximately timetabled services, though the timetables vary and don't generally fit with the one shown on the board.

For Osh and Fergana destinations you won't see cars waiting but there is an easy to miss dispatcher-booth from which shared taxis are coordinated.

Call Shermamat Majunusov (077-242 9426) for rides across Kyrgyzstan, Bilal Tochtonazarov (077-362 3640) to arrange rides to Osh oblast, or Kebekbai Begimkulov (077-290 2470) for Jalal-Abad oblast.