Bus Station in Bishkek

Western Bus Station

Confusing even for locals, the big main building is almost entirely redundant except for a few windows desks pre-selling night-bus routes. There are essentially three separate bus areas. The east and west ones have …
Bus Stop in Bishkek

Marshrutka 380 – Manas Airport

Picks up and drops off passengers on Molodaya Gvardiya just north of Chuy. First/last departures are at 6.30am/7.30pm from the airport, 6.40am/8pm to the airport where the marshrutka parks just to the right as you e…
Car Rental in Bishkek

Iron Horse Nomads

This American-owned operator hires out a range of vehicles, from nostalgic Soviet classics to brand-new American pickups. They book up fast, so reserve well ahead of your trip. Their office also stocks trekking maps…
Bus Station in Bishkek

Eastern Bus Station

Bishkek's second bus station handles mostly regional departures to Tokmak, Kant, and the rest of the Chuy Valley. It is also the starting point for the weekly bus to Kashgar, China, but as the latter goes via the To…
Airline in Bishkek

Air Astana

To (or via) Almaty and Nur-Sultan. Good-value connections include Tbilisi, Bangkok and various Siberian cities but triple-check that your routing doesn't include an internal Nur-Sultan–Almaty leg unless you have a K…
Car Rental in Bishkek

Kyrgyz Rent-Car

Most cars cost US$80 to US$100 per day but there are a couple at US$40 as well as a minibus at US$100. Some English spoken. Drivers must be 21, with two years' driving experience. No mileage limit, and cars can be d…
Bus Station in Bishkek

Dordoi Motors

Official shared taxis to Osh and Fergana Valley towns now start In front of the Dordoi Motors company, 3km west of Osh Bazaar on the extension of Chuy. NB don't confuse Dordoi Motors wth Dordoi Bazaar or Dordoi Plaz…
Bus Stop in Bishkek

Marshrutka 400 – Sokuluk

A few 400 minibuses go all the way to Belogorka, but that still leaves you 15km short of the waterfall. Alternatively go to Sokulak whose bazaar will be easier for finding a taxi.
Bus Stop in Bishkek

Marshrutka 285 & 333 – Kazakh Border

Marshrutkas 285 & 333 (20som) to the Kazakh Border leave from near the 'tysyach melochey' shopping centre. Ask for tamozhna marshrutki.
Train Station in Bishkek

Bishkek II Train Station

Bishkek's mostly defunct train station still has service several times a week in summer on the exceedingly-slow route to Balykchy.