Maps in Bishkek


Sells Goskartografiya's excellent Bishkek city maps/atlases (110/300som), as well as 1:100,000 trekking maps and 1:200,000 topographicals (200som to 370som). Almost all are in Cyrillic script. Phone two days ahead t…
Market in Bishkek

Osh Bazaar

Though not visually exotic, Bishkek's most central bazaar has a certain compulsive interest and is an important city landmark. For traditional Kyrgyz clothes, including white imitation-felt ak kalpak hats (80som) an…
Clothing in Bishkek

Hat Stalls

For traditional Kyrgyz clothes including white imitation-felt ak kalpak hats (80som) and colourful shepherds' chests there are a series of stalls at the south tip of the Khial building in Osh Bazaar (closed Mondays)…
Art in Bishkek

Asia Gallery

The showroom/gallery of the Kyrgyzstan Union of Artists is upstairs, in a faded, once-grand, Stalin-era building which also hides some artists’ workshops.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Bishkek

Art Salon

Kyrgyz knick-knacks supplemented by Russian matryoshka dolls, bark-work boxes and earthenware figurines.
Craft in Bishkek


Crafts, especially fabrics, many labelled with the artist's name and the region they come from.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Bishkek


Sells textiles (including silk scarfs) plus postcards, souvenirs, toys and fridge magnets.
Expedition Equipment in Bishkek

Red Fox

Sells camping supplies, mountaineering equipment and brand-name hiking boots.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Bishkek


Soviet medals and badges, horse-whips and figurines.
Mall in Bishkek


The state-run department store.