Tajikistan Embassy

Embassy in Bishkek

When the consul's in town, one-month tourist visas are available in 24 hours for single-/double-entry tourist visa US$75/85 plus 100som, often the same day or even while you wait during quieter periods. The GBAO permit is free if you ask for it. The embassy is two blocks north of Akhunbayev or 500m east of Yunusaliev St (Karl Marx) via Suvanberdiev.

Numerous Asanbai-bound marshrutkas can drop you at the Yusunaliev/Suvanberdiev junction (Yusunaliev 85) including routes 212 from Kiev via Vefa Mall, 175 on a long loop including Goin and the Eastern Bus Station, and 122 from Tsum via Pravda). Trolleybus 17 (12) works, too.