Embassy in Bishkek

Tajikistan Embassy

When the consul's in town, one-month tourist visas are available in 24 hours for single-/double-entry tourist visa US$75/85 plus 100som, often the same day or even while you wait during quieter periods. The GBAO per…
Travel Agency in Bishkek

Ak-Sai Travel

This very active adventure agency operates a series of summer fixed-camps allowing trekkers and mountaineers to travel light in the Karakol, Lenin Peak, Karavshin/Ak-Suu and Khan Tengri areas. Ak-Sai organises fly-i…
Embassy in Bishkek

Chinese Embassy

The embassy is way down Chingiz Aitmatov (Mira). Get off bus 8 or marshrutka 295, 265, or 307 at Rakhat Cafe, follow the pylons west for one block, then walk diagonally across a playing field. The consular entrance …
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Head guide Pavel may be one of the most experienced outdoorsmen in Kyrgyzstan, leading guests up Peak Lenin in the summer and skiing down from gnarly helicopter drops in winter. The don't maintain a regular office s…
Trekking in Bishkek

Asia Mountains

This friendly, well-organised agency offers a gamut of tours and day trips, but their speciality is the ascent of Lenin Peak. Tailor-made climbs, plus four fixed-date departures each summer, depart from their base c…
Travel Agency in Bishkek


Run by English- and German-speaking sisters Elmira and Zamira. Has seasonal yurt-camps at Son-Köl and south of Issyk-Köl, including one in isolated splendour at Temir Kanat (with solar-heated water). Available as sh…
Travel Agency in Bishkek

Shepherds Way

If you're planning a horse trek from the south side of Issyk-Köl, it's well worth arranging things in advance in Bishkek with this highly reputable family-run company. Call Ishen (philosophical, great English), who …
Embassy in Bishkek

Afghan Embassy

Visa availability depends on your discussion with the consul and, presumably, your ability to show you understand the security situation where you plan to head. Some travellers report success, with visas issued with…
Embassy in Bishkek

French Embassy

The embassy does not have a consular section in Bishkek. Nonemergency matters are handled by the Consulate in Almaty, while other matters for EU citizens are handled by the German Embassy in Bishkek.
Travel Agency in Bishkek


British-born Ian Claytor's agency is legendary for cultural tours, overland trips, and Torugart Pass experiences. The websites are encyclopaedic, presenting more facets of Kyrgyz history than you ever knew you neede…