Concert Venue in Bishkek


Features Western and Kyrgyz orchestral works and the occasional Kyrgyz song-and-dance troupe. The kassa (ticket office) is on the west side.
Theatre in Bishkek

Russian Drama Theatre

For classics in Russian.
Theatre in Bishkek

State Academic Drama Theatre

On the east side of Panfilov Park, this is the place for popular Kyrgyz-language works, more often than not written by Chinghiz Aitmatov, Kyrgyzstan’s premier man of words.
Theatre in Bishkek

State Opera & Ballet Theatre

Classical and local productions are staged in this elegant building, usually starting at 5pm Friday to Sunday, autumn to spring. Check the billboards outside for upcoming shows. Same-day tickets are often available.
Circus in Bishkek


Shows, in what looks like a 1950s UFO, can be very impressive.