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2 Days Best of Kyrgyz Canyons

This 2-day tour is a great combination of differernt experiences. This unique offer includes the most beatiful places and at the same time not very well promoted but great scenic canyons, which are totally different one from another. You will experience hiking, local cuisine, the most beautiful views and yurt stay just having short 2-day trip.
2 days
Day Trips & Excursions

1 Day Burana-Kegety Gorge-Kol-Tor lake trip

Enjoy a weekend day or a day before your departure from Kyrgyzstan.This tour is designed to be a great combination of Cultural and Historical heritage of early ages of Kyrgyzstan and amazing trekking experience to beautiful lake Kol Tor. Visiting Burana tower and the lake at one day is truly unforgettable experience in Kyrgyzstan.   Just an ideal 1 day active journey for those, who passion about discovering some remote corners, having a nice trek in gorgeous Kegety gorge, see some alpine pasturelands, waterfalls, rivers, and end up having a great selfie with alpine lake behind.
1 day
Cultural & Theme Tours

Bishkek city walking tour

The Bishkek City Walking Tour will lead you through the most famous sights in the center of Kyrgyzstan’s capital. You will immerse yourself in the story of each place, including its origin, cultural connotations, and current modern uses.
3 hours
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Ala-Archa National Park - Trekking

Ala Archa National park - Trekking - 1 day 
1 day
Cultural & Theme Tours

See life of kyrgyz

Get inspired:  • Ala-Archa Walking Tour • Cooking master Show  • Kyrgyz Food Tour • Watching making process of soured cream in villages Enjoy views of the Ala-Archa that is 30 km from Bishkek, where you will see  glaciers on the top of mountains. With your guide whole day enjoy cooking tour  and feel kyrgyz culture with local people. Learn how to cook kyrgyz traditional food. And enjoy with overview of kyrgyz life. This tour will take about 10 hours in which max number of group will be 15 people. Departure time is 9:00.
10 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Silk Road discovery: Burana Tower and Cholpon-Ata

• Visit the Burana Tower (about 80km from Bishkek), which marks the original site of the Karakhanid town, Balasagun. Located along the important branch of the Silk Road, Burana Tower is a UNESCO World heritage site. Surrounding the tower you can also find ruins of Balasagun. • The tower was originally 45m high, however over centuries, a number of earthquakes damaged the structure of the tower, and it now remains 25m high. • Continue driving to Issyk-Kul Lake, and visit a city of the north shore – Cholpon-Ata, where the World Nomad Games (also known as “Olympics for Nomads”)  are held. There you will find an open-air museum of petroglyphs, Issyk-Kul State Historical and Cultural Museum, as well as sandy beaches and springs. • The above package is only a reference, each group can specify its requirement.
10 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Arrival or Departure Transfer: Bishkek Airport

Use a door to door transfer, a comfortable and hassle free service that will allow you to enjoy your journey from the moment you arrive to the beautiful city of Bishkek. Your driver will be waiting for you in the Bishkek International Airport's arrival hall and will take you straight to your centrally located hotel in Bishkek.
45 minutes
Cultural & Theme Tours

World Nomad Games III in Issyk-Kul

Get to know the rich culture and history of Nomadic people not only Kyrgyzstan but the whole Central Asia and other regions. The World Nomad Games showcases traditional nomadic games, culture & lifestyle featuring archery, eagle hunting, wrestling and many more. The World Nomad Games are held in Cholpon-Ata on the shores of Issyk-Kul in September 2018.   The scenic trip starts through Boom Gorge, the Chu River and the city of Balykchi, your trip includes  visit to the famous cultural center of Rukh Ordo in Cholpon-Ata, petroglyphs of Cholpon-Ata, (optional visit to historical museum), Grand Opening Ceremony of the World Nomad Games, colorful performances of different cultures and competition in ethnic sports in Kyrchyn Gorge. You will enjoy watching not only the different traditional sport games, but also the culture, ethnic dances, songs, crafts and food.
3 days
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Visit to Ala-Archa National Park

You will visit the National Park Ala-Archa, where you will dive into real nature fairytale. The gorge with surrounding mountains is covered with junipers, rare species of animals and plants. Enjoy a short hiking opportunity along the river, enjoying nature and breathing very thin ozonated air.
8 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Tour to Song Kol Lake

It is an amazing trip to one of the most beautiful mountainous lake - Song-Kol with stops at the Burana Tower (UNESCO Heritage), enjoy a comfortable ride through Boom Gorge, water reservoir Orto - Tokoy, Kochkor village, salt cave Chon-Tuz and admire the lush forest, pristine rivers and mountains scenery during this thrilling drive.  Experience the nomadic lifestyle, stay in the yurt at the meadows, ride a horse and drink famous local drink Kymys.
2 days