Arslanbob attractions

Waterfall in Arslanbob

Twin Waterfall

A string of souvenir stalls leads to this 23m waterfall. Though the falls themselves are only worth a quick look, you can escape the summer crowds by walking on for 15 minutes using the path that crosses the stream …
Waterfall in Arslanbob

Long Waterfall

This thin 89m ribbon of waterfall is not an especially memorable site, but there's a certain fascination watching the throngs of local summer tourists (who mostly arrive by jeep), attempting to slither up and down i…
Amusement Park in Arslanbob


If you're not tired of people watching there's more to be had at the Turbaza, a decrepit yet still active Soviet-era holiday camp replete with punch-machines, an awfully grimy open-air swimming pool and a ragged dis…