Top things to do in Alay Valley

Lake in Alay Valley

Kolduk Lakes

Above a hilly jailoo ringed by yurts, the larger Kolduk lake is backed by a craggy mountain gorge. Families that take residence here from May to September are insistent in their offers of fresh dairy products from t…
Lake in Sary-Mogol

Tulpar Köl

The largest of a string of 42 small lakes, Tulpar Köl stretches for nearly a kilometre in between the final small foothills and the first major ridge of the Trans-Alay range. Strolling the quiet lake shore or search…
Sports in Sary-Mogol

Yak and Horse Games Festival

Worth planning around if you'll be in the area in late July, for a gathering of horse games and a somnolent rendition of kok boru on yaks held by the shores of Tulpar Köl. Contact CBT for exact dates.
Cafe in Gulcha

Kairat Cafe

Two tapchans in the garden make a great spot to while away the hours over a pot of tea and a rotating daily menu of Kyrgyz favorites. From the turn for the museum, it's on the left diagonally across the road.
Museum in Gulcha

Kurmanjan Datka Museum

Dedicated to Kyrgyzstan's very own 'Queen of the Alay', Gulcha's ethnography and history museum is most notable for exhibits on the local female chieftain who resisted and eventually acquiesced to the hegemony of Im…
Cafe in Sary-Tash


The only option in town aside from guesthouses, this simple cafe just as the road leaves towards Osh prepares a basic selection of Kyrgyz dishes.
Cafe in Gulcha


Reliable if not inspiring, this large party hall just west of the Gulcha roundabout serves up the standard menu of Kyrgyz dishes.
Monument in Gulcha

Victory Park

Gulcha's small Victory Park features a central WWII-era tank on a plinth overlooking the names of native sons who never returned from the war, and a series of busts commemorating those who fell in the Soviet-era Afg…