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Getting There & Away

If you're taking a taxi from Bishkek, be sure to clarify that the agreed price is to the alplager (typically 500som one way) rather than the Ala-Archa park gate (vorota zapovednika, 250som). Otherwise you'll need to hitch the last 12km or pay a very considerable supplement. Especially off-season, it might be worth arranging a pick-up to take you back again. Bargaining might be necessary as some drivers ask a whopping US$40 return, especially when ordered through hotels. You can usually agree on around half that through drivers around Osh Bazaar.

By public transport marshrutka 265 from Bishkek's Toktogul street at the intersection of Beyshenaliyeva usually runs to Kashka-Suu village, terminating 7km short of the park gate, while for a consideration some drivers will continue to the end of the public road. Traffic is sparse out of season.