Multi-day & Extended Tours

Son-Kul Lake Tour

It is an amazing trip to one of the most beautiful mountainous lake - Son-Kul with stops at the Burana Tower (UNESCO Heritage), enjoy a comfortable ride through Boom Gorge, water reservoir Orto - Tokoy, Kochkor village, salt cave Chon-Tuz and admire the lush forest, pristine rivers and mountains scenery during this thrilling drive.  Experience the nomadic lifestyle, stay in the yurt at the meadows, ride a horse and drink famous local drink Kymys.
2 days
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Short tour to Issyk-Kul lake

Joining this tour you will explore all the best sights of south shore of Issyk-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan, not just natural places like Canyon “Skazka” (Fairytale) and historical sight -  the Burana Tower, recognised as UNESCO Heritage, but as well the cultural and local lifestyle. Live like a nomad in a yurt, meet Berkutchi - a golden eagle hunter, enjoy the national food and folklore, walk in the amazing place where sandy red formations take various fabulous forms and blow your imagination.
2 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Osh City Tour

Take a tour to Osh, an a city with over 3000 years history. You will visit the major sights, experience the oriental culture mixed with ancient and Soviet union history and modern life. Visit the holy mountain Sulaiman-Too (UNESCO Heritage) and the museum inside the mountains. Learn the traditions and specifics of Osh plov. Dive in the atmosphere of lively and interesting bargain and trading at the oriental bazaars.
2 days
Outdoor Activities

Horse Riding in Shamsi Gorge

Spend an unforgettable day in the Shamsi gorge. Riding a horse you will be able to experience the Kyrgyz culture and their life, you will see the nature of Kyrgyzstan and the semi-nomadic people living in the mountains.
1 day
Day Trips & Excursions

Horse Riding in Chon-Kemin with Tour to Burana and Konorchek canyons

We invite you to go for two-day tour with us to Chon-Kemin that you will never forget and which will leave only incredible memories ! This tour is the great choice to experience the horse-riding up to the picturesque national park Chon-Kemin while enjoying the outstanding nature and scenery. You will be able to directly feel, touch and learn about the spirit and life style of nomadic people.Explore park on the horseback or by trekking
1 day
Shore Excursions

Short Tour around Issyk - Kul lake

Let's go around Issyk Kul for 3 days, in these three days you will see the beauty that nature gave us - canyons with fancy patterns and figures, the fifth largest lake in Asia, historical and cultural places and many other features of Kyrgyzstan.
3 days
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Bishkek city tour with national dishes Cooking Masterclass

During the Bishkek city tour you will be able to visit major sights of the city and complete the day with learning and experiencing national dishes at cooking masterclass. Cook and eat like the locals do with local guide and professional chef who is happy to spill the secrets to preparing the perfect Kyrgyz feast! 
8 hours
Spa Tours

Burana Tower and swimming in Issyk-Ata Thermal Springs

Visit Kyrgyzstan’s and UNESCO heritage - Burana tower and the stone graves “Balbals”. Experience the feeling of being in the atmosphere of the 12th century and see firsthand the most ancient artifacts.Continue the trip to Issyk-Ata gorge, you will have the chance to see the ancient image of Buddha, taste mineral water called "Arashan" and, the most pleasant part, swim in the hot thermal springs.
558 minutes