Customs Regulations

  • No alcohol or pork products are allowed.
  • Up to 500 cigarettes and 500g of tobacco are permitted.
  • Duty-free items are for sale at the duty-free shop in the arrivals and departures section of the airport.


Available on arrival or online for more than 50 nationalities.

Visas on Arrival

Visas on arrival are available at Kuwait International Airport for nationals of 52 countries, including Australia, Canada, the EU, New Zealand and the US (valid for 90 days; 30-day maximum stay). Take a number from the Fast Service Desk and buy stamps worth KD3 from the neighbouring machine (free for some nationalities). There's no need to wait again at the immigration desk downstairs, where you'll be waved through. Keep the piece of paper you're given with the visa – you'll need to present it upon departure.

Getting a Visa Online

It is now possible to arrange visas before you travel via the official online portal ( Other online operators also offer this service, however, be aware of fake visa websites. Travellers have recently been caught out, arriving at customs and being refused entry with a bogus visa. It's advisable to either go through the official channels or to queue and get a visa on arrival. Online applications cost more.

Israeli or Iraqi Connections

Anyone holding a passport containing an Israeli or Iraqi stamp may be refused entry to Kuwait.