Books in Kuwait City

Kuwait Bookshops

With a vast collection of books (don't get too excited: their remainders policy isn't the best), Kuwait Bookshops nonetheless has a wide selection of bestsellers, books on current affairs and local-interest titles. …
Mall in Kuwait City

Sharq Souq

A modern complex that boasts its own marina.
Mall in Kuwait City


With its six-star hotel and valet parking, this is worth a visit just for the architecture.
Mall in Kuwait City

Salhiya Complex

The pick of the downtown shopping malls, Salhiya specialises in luxury brands.
Mall in Kuwait City

Marina Mall

One of the largest malls in Salmiya, Marina Mall is connected to the waterfront by a footbridge over Arabian Gulf St. Most of the shops are in the main mall, with numerous restaurants right by the water.
Mall in Kuwait City

Al Muthanna Centre

One of the older shopping malls but notable for having Kuwait Bookshops in the basement.
Mall in Kuwait City

Sharq Marina

Waterfront shopping mall.