Survivor Challenge - Escape Room

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Location: Baitak Tower Duration: 60 Minutes Difficulty: MediumBest Time: 38:00With your friends, you take an exploratory trip to one of the remote countries where you end up in one of the ancient villages abandoned by the people due to the large number of hurricanes. Then the hurricane came and you were forced to hide inside an old silo and found yourselves locked inside, Can you escape? Consist of 70% mind puzzling and 30% physical puzzling
It is a game where you would be locked in a room with your friends / family, trying to escape in 60 minutes by solving puzzles and riddles. The challenge is to solve all the puzzles and unlock the room in the least time possible. After booking, when customers come to our place, they will be told how the game runs, asked how many hints they want, and then be guided to the room. After entering the room, they will have a timer and a screen to show hints, and a camera so we can see how they are doing. They will feel lost at the start, but will get a grasp of the situation by time, and starts solving the puzzles. It should take an hour or less, if time's up, they lose.

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