Kuwait has a more limited hotel offering than other Gulf cities, but demand is low, so there's usually plenty of choice. At the top end, many of the international chains have hotels here, although prices are aimed at a business clientele and are usually high. It's sometimes worth asking about weekend deals, but these become less common with each passing year. There are few options for budget travellers in Kuwait but some good-value choices in the midrange category.

The northern shore of Kuwait Bay is a popular camping spot with locals: just look for the tents from October to April. Alternatively, there are some good places to camp on the coast near the Saudi Arabian border. Camping equipment is available in the many sporting-goods shops in the city malls. This isn’t camping on a budget, mind: a 4WD is necessary to find a suitable spot.

Price Ranges

The following price ranges refer to a double room with a private bathroom. Unless otherwise stated, breakfast is included in the price.

$ less than KD40

$$ KD40–75

$$$ more than KD75

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