Worth a Trip: Bridge to Nowhere

By following signs to Subiyah from Mutla Ridge, you’ll eventually reach the Bridge to Nowhere, some 50km northeast of Al Jahra. There’s a checkpoint in front of it, preventing further exploration, but the bridge spans more than just the narrow passage to Bubiyan Island; it also reinforces Kuwait’s claim to the island in the face of erstwhile claims by both Iraq and Iran. So keen was Kuwait to maintain its claim to the uninhabited, flat and barren island and its neighbouring water supply that, when the Iraqis blew up the middle section of the bridge, the Kuwaitis quickly rebuilt it even though it goes to nowhere.

A brand-new, three-lane highway now goes to nowhere as well. Eventually, it will lead to the mega port planned for completion over the next decade. In the meantime, if you fancy getting off the beaten track, this is one way to do it without leaving the tarmac!