Top Choice Museum in Kuwait City

Tareq Rajab Museum

Housed in the basement of a large villa, this exquisite ethnographic museum should not be missed. There are inlaid musical instruments suspended in glass cabinets; Omani silver and Saudi gold jewellery; headdresses,…
Top Choice Market in Kuwait City


True to its origins, Kuwait City has retained the old souq in all of its complex, bustling and convoluted glory in the city centre. Albeit partly housed now in a series of smart, modern buildings that replicate the …
Top Choice Museum in Kuwait City

Scientific Center

Housed in a fine, sail-shaped building on the corniche, the Scientific Center boasts one of the largest aquariums in the Middle East. The unique intertidal display features shoals of black-spotted sweetlips and the …
Top Choice Landmark in Kuwait City

Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers, with their distinctive blue-green ‘sequins’, are the instantly recognisable symbols of a nation. Designed by a Swedish architectural firm, they opened in 1979. The largest of the three rises to a …
Top Choice Cultural Centre in Kuwait City

Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyya

This exceptional cultural centre has stunning galleries that containing some of the highlights of the world-class Al Sabah Collection, part of which was in the National Museum prior to the Iraqi invasion. With infor…
Museum in Kuwait City

Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Art

A few blocks south of the Tareq Rajab Museum, this sister attraction is also housed in a villa. It has a seriously impressive and beautifully presented range of calligraphy. Typography from different Qurans, collect…
Historic Building in Kuwait City

Dickson House Cultural Centre

A modest white building with blue trim, Beit Dickson was the home of former British political agent Colonel Harold Dickson and his wife, Violet, whose love of and contribution to Kuwait are documented in the various…
Market in Kuwait City

Fish Market

This large market hall has rows of stalls selling all manner of morsels from the sea. Vendors tout their catch of the day, which may include anything from stacks of sardines to six-foot groupers to buckets of enormo…
Waterfront in Kuwait City

Al Corniche

Comprising more than 10km of winding paths, parks and beaches on Arabian Gulf St (sometimes referred to locally as Gulf Rd), the corniche is marked at its southern end by the Scientific Centre and at its northernmos…
Marina in Kuwait City

Marina Crescent

Attached to Marina Mall, this pleasant palm tree-lined outdoor promenade loops around Kuwait Bay and has a range of restaurants and coffee shops. It's popular of an evening and at weekends.