Top Choice Monastery in Kosovo

Visoki Dečani Monastery

One of Kosovo's absolute highlights, this ancient monastery is in an incredibly beautiful spot beneath the mountains and surrounded by a forest of pine and chestnut trees. It's on the outskirts of Dečani, 15km south…
Top Choice Historic Building in Pristina

Emin Gjiku Ethnographic Museum

This wonderful annex of the Museum of Kosovo is located in two beautifully preserved Ottoman houses enclosed in a large walled garden. The English-speaking staff will give you a fascinating tour of both properties a…
Nature Reserve in Kosovo

Bear Sanctuary Pristina

In a remote spot beyond the village on Mramor, you can visit brown bears that were rescued from captivity by the charity Four Paws. All the bears here were once kept in tiny cages as restaurant mascots, but when the…
Monastery in Peja (Peć)

Patriarchate of Peć

This church and nunnery complex on the outskirts of Peja are a slice of Serbian Orthodoxy that has existed here since the late 13th century. You're welcome to enter to visit the church, which is divided into four se…
Monastery in Kosovo

Gračanica Monastery

Southeast of Pristina in the Serbian town of Gračanica is the ancient Gračanica Monastery, completed in 1321 by Serbian King Milutin. Dress respectably (that means no shorts or sleeveless tops for anyone, and headsc…
Mosque in Pristina

Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque

The 'imperial mosque' (Xhamia e Mbretit), as locals call it, was built on the orders of Mehmed the Conqueror around 1461, and although it was converted to a Catholic church during the Austro-Hungarian era, it was re…
Castle in Prizren

Prizren Fortress

It's well worth making the steep 15-minute hike up from Prizren's old town (follow the road past the Orthodox Church on the hillside; it's well signed and pretty obvious) for the superb views over the city and on in…
Mosque in Pristina

Jashar Pasha Mosque

This mosque, which was fully renovated as a gift from the Turkish government, reopened in 2015 and has vibrant interiors that exemplify Turkish baroque style.
Church in Prizren

Church of Our Lady of Ljeviš

Prizren's most important site is the Orthodox Church of Our Lady of Ljeviš, a 14th-century Serbian church that was used as a mosque by the local population until 1911. The church was badly damaged in 2004 by the tow…
Cave in Kosovo

Gadimë Cave

Discovered in 1969, this impressive marble cave is full of quite extraordinary crystallized stalagmites and stalactites that have formed over millions of years. The cave is just over 1.2km deep, and some 440m of it …