Brezovica Resort

Skiing in Kosovo

This ski resort 60km south of Pristina and up in the wild Shar Mountains is in one of the most picturesque parts of Kosovo and was for years a popular skiing destination in the former Yugoslavia. However, its infrastructure was left to crumble in the initial wake of independence. There are some good winter runs and prices are much lower than in many parts of Europe.

There are nine ski runs totaling 16km. These are connected by five ski lifts and chairs (which operate year-round allowing easy mountain access for walkers outside the ski season). In general, the resort is best suited for cross-country skiers and those with some experience. It gets very busy on winter weekends with day-trippers (finding a place to park can be a near-impossible task), but many of these visitors are here just to frolic in the snow for a couple of hours rather than ski. A day ticket costs €10 and is valid on all lifts, though, again, until the building of the new resort progresses, there's always a risk that some lifts will be under repair or mysteriously not work at all.

In 2015 a massive investment deal was announced that would have made this one of the biggest ski resorts in the Balkans. However, at the time of research little reconstruction had taken place and there were doubts about the project ever taking off. In the meantime for the prepared skier, this remains an off-beat and cheap place to hit the slopes.