Last year we ran a competition with Disney’s Moana where we asked our young explorers to tell us about an adventure they’ve had while travelling. Here eight-year-old runner-up Nathan tells us all about his visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall, England.

Eden Project

Nathan with his sister and father at the Eden project

One ordinary day it was my father’s birthday and we set off on a journey to a huge bubble named Eden Project! We went all the way to Cornwall which took us seven hours. I also went with my dad, of course, mum and little sister.

When we got to Eden we had to go through the ticket area then wait until we could go to the entrance pathway of the huge, I mean huge, bubble. Through the entrance walkway we saw a steel spider and butterfly and a bee the size of a bungalow! When we got there we went straight in the bubble where I learnt about a type of bird and how they grow tamarind. It was fun also listening to ancient Indian music as well.

eden project

Nathan with the giant bee

The most exciting part was when I went to the very top of the bubble with my father. The thing that made this trip epic was that you felt like you were in a jungle either in Africa or Asia. And then it was time to come out and we slept super well because of the trip.

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