Lucy proudly displaying the royal wedding LEGO model she helped create ©LEGOLAND®

From spaceships to mansions, curious creatures to futuristic machines, there’s nothing you can’t build out of LEGO®. With just a pile of coloured bricks and a bit of imagination, you can let your creativity run riot, whipping up entire towns, cities… even worlds. Lucy Gullon is a model maker at LEGOLAND® Windsor, spending her days devising and building miniature LEGO® creations for visitors to enjoy day after day. What’s it like to do Lucy’s job? Read on to find out!  

What does your job involve?

First thing every morning we look over all of the models throughout the resort and two hotels to check whether they need repairing in any way. After that, my tasks vary – some days I spend designing and prototyping LEGO® models that I’ll build in the future, other times I build models for the resort, or some days I am out installing new model content in the theme park.

At the moment I’m building hundreds of new LEGO® models for Miniland London, ready for when the new theme park opens in March. Miniland recreates world famous landmarks in miniature LEGO® form. We’re building London buses, black cabs, telephone boxes, Covent Garden entertainers, boats, police officers and much more. We like to include a few fun, distinctive models for our guests to spot too, so we’ve even created a LEGO® Mary Poppins!

Lucy’s LEGO® Mary Poppins – © LEGO®

Describe your job in five words!

Creative, fun, innovative, imaginative and exciting!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever made from LEGO®?

It’s hard to choose, but I think my favourite thing I’ve made is a camping scene for Miniland. It features lots of fun little details, such as people playing swing ball, having a water balloon fight, roasting marshmallows, and even a cheeky dog eating from a picnic basket.

How do you come up with ideas for what to build?

This varies depending on the project we’re working on – sometimes very specific models are required for a project. For example, this year we’re opening the Haunted House Monster Party ride, which requires loads of spookily-themed models to decorate it. If I’m building things for Miniland, I use reference photographs to recreate iconic buildings and scenes. I also like to come up with ideas about the backstories of the characters I feature in the scenes to bring them to life.

Have you ever experienced a disastrous collapse of a LEGO® model you’ve built?

I haven’t experienced a model collapse thankfully! I tie in all of the bricks I use as I build, which makes the model very strong. Some of the larger models can take the weight of someone standing on them! We also use a special glue to hold the bricks together, and really large models – such as our 6-metre-tall pharaoh in Kingdom of the Pharaohs – also have a steel frame inside them.

How did you become a LEGOLAND® model maker?

I studied television and film set design at university, and really enjoyed the model making aspect of the course. I then saw that there was a position being advertised at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, which looked so exciting, and here I am now!

Super adorable LEGO® taxis for Miniland – © LEGO®

Do you build LEGO® models at home, or do you get tired of doing it all day?

I rarely build LEGO® models at home. Instead, I tend to draw and paint so that I’m still being creative, but it’s also something a bit different from my day to day.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Getting to build new and exciting LEGO® models that guests visiting the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort will get to enjoy. Last year I helped to recreate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding out of LEGO® for Miniland. We unveiled the wedding scene in front of a 39,960 brick model of Windsor Castle – that was amazing.

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