Do you know your ogres from your trolls, your laughing ghosts from your headless ladies? And – perhaps more importantly – where in the world to find them and how you’d defeat them?

Publishing this month is our brand new Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts.

We’ve organised the book by continent for easy monster-tracking and included the defining characteristics of each beast, as well as ways to defeat it! And importantly, you need to know what each monster or ghost looks like – so we’ve included beautiful illustrations by the talented Laura Brenlla.

If you live in or have visited Scotland or England, have you ever seen any of these? Which one would you like to meet – or, rather, which one would you go out of your way to avoid?!

At Lonely Planet Kids, we love to bring the world to life and that includes the world of mythical creatures, scary monsters and friendly ghosts. So we’re very excited about this rather unusual atlas and hope it will inspire, interest and excite a generation of children to explore the world of the supernatural, and their imaginations.

Did it work for our team of young book reviewers? Let’s hear from Harry, age nine:

Recently I have been reading the monsters and ghosts book by Lonely Planet Kids. I have really enjoyed learning about all the monsters and ghosts all over the world. About 87% of the beasts in the book I have not heard of until now. I was very surprised when I found that there were horrible creatures (and nice ones) all over the world.

Some of my favourite creatures are the yeti because it is a very interesting animal, Dracula because he is very cruel and mean and is an amazing monster, the Yan-Ma-Yha-Who because it looks harmless but is very dangerous, and the kraken because it is super powerful.

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And lastly, get your family in the mood for Halloween early this year and check back in a couple of months for some costume inspiration.