In our competition with Disney’s Moana last year, we asked young explorers to tell us about an epic adventure they’ve had while travelling. This is runner-up Olivia’s story about her trip to Morocco.

Olivia remembers the camels on the beach and her toy camel that she bought at the souk.

This was the most exciting adventure I’ve ever had! I went to Morocco with my mum, dad, granny, grandad and my sister, who is called Ellie. We stayed in a house in the middle of a town, which had such a big bath that we could all have fitted in, and a roof terrace where we ate breakfast. We saw lots of camels on the beach, and Ellie and I went on a trampoline. I loved it and Ellie loved it even more than I did! My favourite thing I had to eat was scrumptious pancakes with chocolate spread from the market.

One day mummy and me went shopping in the souk. I felt like I was in a wonderful dream because it was all so different and colourful. People kept saying hello to Ellie and I because we have blonde hair. My souvenir was a toy camel from the market. It made me want to go to another adventurous place in Africa, or perhaps America. Morocco was great!

Olivia with her mum and sister enjoying the early evening sun in Morocco.

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