Having fun with new friends © Evie Farrell

It’s been a busy month for our family travel pathfinders. They’ve been discovering the perfect London summer, searching for unique things to do in Italy and advising on how to have fun as a family in Granada, Nicaragua. And that’s not all: there are tips on helping your children make friends while travelling and how to avoid making common family travel mistakes.

How to have the perfect London summer – Clare Thomson

The number of things to do in London in the summer can be overwhelming, so this post is a welcome child-friendly filter. Ideas include fountains to frolic in, places to build sandcastles and some fantastic summer-specific activities for children available in the many museums and galleries.

Clare blogs at suitcasesandsandcastles.com where she aims to inspire travellers to slow down and take the time to appreciate and enjoy a place.

50 unique things to do in Italy with kids – Marta Correale

Italy is deservedly very popular with families (think pizza, gelato and the way Italians welcome children) and it can be hard to get off the beaten track. In this extensive post Marta gives you plenty of new ideas of things to do in her homeland – a great starting point for those wanting to do something a little different with their kids on their next Italian trip.

An Italian expat in Ireland, Marta is passionate about introducing kids to cultural travel. She blogs at learningescapes.net.

11 great things to do in Granada with kids – Ariana Svenson

Talking of getting off the beaten track, you don’t often see family travel bloggers covering Nicaragua so we really enjoyed reading and learning about what kids might like to do in this Latin American city. The list includes volcanic lakes, a huge dancing doll and a plenty of yummy food-related ideas. Maybe it’s time Nicaragua made it on to your bucket list?

Ariana believes that with kids even a short excursion is an adventure. Explore more at worldoftravelswithkids.com.

Our family travelling mistakes – Brenda Pompino

Let’s face it, travelling with kids can be hugely challenging and things don’t always go according to plan. It’s refreshing to read Brenda’s honest take on the things her family have learnt on their trips and it’s also good to be reminded that travelling as a family is a skill as well as a privilege. And hands up if you’ve never even thought to check your children’s carry-on bags…

Follow Brenda at ourfamilytravels.com.au where she hopes that her family’s adventures will encourage others. 

10 ways kids can make friends on the road – Evie Farrell

Written specifically from the perspective of a single mum travelling with an only child, this list will give you plenty of ideas for helping your children make friends however and wherever you travel. But the most important is saved for last: be open, you can make friends anywhere!

Evie and her daughter Emmie have been travelling for over a year. Read more at mumpacktravel.com.

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