Someone’s enjoying the view in Iceland © Kevin Wagar

In May our family travel Pathfinders focussed on ideas for getting families exploring outdoors in destinations as diverse as Peru, Copenhagen, Iceland and Ireland. There’s also a fascinating piece on the science which backs us up when we tell people travelling really is good for our kids.

Hunting for giants outside Copenhagen – Erin Gustafson

We loved hearing about this giant’s trail when it was first launched and this blog confirms that it’s a really fun, adventurous and interesting thing to do with your family. It’s worth a read for the images of the giants, which are as family-friendly as you could get.

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Advice if you are considering trekking in Peru with kids – Ariana Svenson

If you’ve ever hankered after the Inca Trail and now wonder if you should do it with the kids, this blog is for you. It’s a practical, informative and interesting piece which will guide you in your decision-making and planning.

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Family-friendly hikes in Iceland – Kevin Wagar

The amazing images in this post will inspire those of you with young kids to choose hiking as a different and rewarding way to explore Iceland. Plus, there are useful tips and plenty of sensible advice to make sure you go into this trip with your eyes open.

Kevin and Christina look to encourage people to take an ‘adventure parenting’ approach. Read their stories at

A family-friendly weekend itinerary in Northern Ireland – Marta Correale

From tips for families visiting the now very popular Dark Hedges (thanks Game of Thrones!) to the best way to explore the Giant’s Causeway with children in tow, there are more good ideas for getting outdoors with the kids here. You’ll also enjoy Marta’s enthusiasm for the truly beautiful landscape.

Marta explores the world with her husband and two kids. Follow her blog at

Scientific proof that holidays make kids happier and smarter –Dominique Lessard

What’s not to like about this blog? Dominique details in plain English 12 different ways it has been proved that taking a vacation with your kids really does make them happier in the long run.

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