On 4 July the United States of America celebrates its Independence Day. Let your little ones join the party with our fun Lonely Planet Kids craft activity.


In the USA, 4 July is important because it marks freedom from British rule and the union of all the states across the country. People celebrate with parades, fireworks, picnics and barbecues with family and friends. Some people dress in red, white and blue.

The American flag is famous for its stars and stripes and can be seen everywhere on Independence Day. Create your own fun flag with our activity sheet, or follow the instructions below!

You will need:

  1. Red, white and blue acrylic paint
  2. Card
  3. PVA glue
  4. White or silver star stickers
  5. 11 ice lolly / Popsicle sticks


Step one

Paint your sticks red and white alternatively and leave to dry, making sure to leave the left corner of the first four sticks blank for the blue part of the flag and stars in the top left corner.



Step two

Paint the blue part of the flag on the top four sticks.


Step three

Once your paint has dried, glue all of the sticks onto the piece of card.


Step four

For the handle, glue two sticks together back to back. For extra thickness, repeat with two more sticks, then glue the four sticks next to one another. Glue them onto the bottom left of the flag.

Step five

You’ve made your stripes, so now it’s time to add your starry stickers! Stick the stars onto the blue patch and then add extra sparkle by placing stars on the flag’s handle too. You’re all set to wave your flag in style!


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