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On the last Wednesday in August, the town of Buñol in Spain turns red and squishy as thousands of people take to the streets for the world’s biggest food fight – La Tomatina! More than 100 tons of tomatoes are thrown and competitors get covered head to toe in the space of an hour. The tomato-tastic tradition has been taking place in the town since 1945.

Follow the instructions below or download and print our activity sheet to make your own paper tomato for a food fight without the mess!

You will need:

  1. Red and green paper
  2. Scissors
  3. A small hole punch
  4. Split pins
  5. A pen or pencil

La Tomatina GIF-1-AUG

Step one

Cut your red sheet of paper into eight strips, each measuring 15cm x 2.5cm.
La Tomatina GIF-2-AUG

Step two

Draw a rough star or spidery shape on the green paper and cut it out. This will form the top of your tomato.
La Tomatina GIF-3-AUG

La Tomatina GIF-4-AUG

Step three

Carefully punch a hole roughly 1cm from the top and bottom edges of each strip, and one in the centre of the green tomato top.
La Tomatina GIF-5-AUG

Step four

Stack the strips on top of each other, with the green shape at one end of the stack. Thread a split pin through the top and bottom holes and secure by flattening the ends.
La Tomatina GIF-7-AUG

La Tomatina GIF-8-AUG

Step five

Carefully separate each strip and gently fan them out one at a time to form a round tomato.
La Tomatina GIF-9-AUG

La Tomatina GIF-10-AUG

Make as many tomatoes as you need for a mess-free tomato fight and celebrate La Tomatina at home!

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