The Kids Book – how to get involved


LP Kids are working on an exciting book titled The Kids Book, which will be a collection of individual and everyday personal accounts from children around the globe. The book will provide a snapshot into children’s daily lives, their interests and their families. We’ll be using a combination of words and photographs to explore the lives of dozens of children.


Rather than risk stereotyping the lives of people in different countries and cultures, we want to use Lonely Planet’s extensive global reach to get real kids involved from every corner of the globe. We want to get our young readers excited to learn what it’s really like in the daily life of someone who lives across an ocean, or on the opposite side of the Earth!


If you know of any families with children roughly between the ages of 7 and 11 years old who you think would like to be involved in this project, we would love for you to pass this information on to them. We’re trying to include children from as many countries as we can!


Parents or guardians should email us with the following information:
• Their child’s first name
• The country and city/town they live in
• Their child’s age


Please send this information and any questions you may have to: by 28th April 2017.


At a later stage, we will select a shortlist of children from differing regions/age groups and we will be in touch with the parents or guardians of the successful applicants. We will provide parents or guardians with full details about their child’s contribution to the book and personal information will be collected, stored and used. We will include a few terms and conditions for them to review so that they can decide whether or not they wish their child to participate.


Participating children from the shortlist will be asked to provide a few high res digital photographs of themselves, their family, the contents of their school bag and a photograph of their breakfast, as well as a selection of images such as what they wear to school, their favourite item of clothing, their bedroom, their pet, their school and their favourite games or sports equipment. We will also be asking them to tell us a little about their family, where they live, what they would like to do when they grow up, their hobbies, what they are most scared of, which country they would most like to visit and why. Full details will be provided when we contact successful applicants.


Please do contact Christina if you or anyone who’d like to be involved has any questions at all. Otherwise we look forward to hearing from our global family!