It’s time to be an astronaut! Rockets and space shuttles are used to take people and robots into space, launching from sites in the USA, Russia and other places around the world. Build your own personal spacecraft and blast off from a launch pad in your own home!

Remember – cutting into cardboard can be tricky. Ask a grown-up to help or supervise.

You will need:

– Very large box or boxes
– Tape
– Extra cardboard
– Foil or silver paint
– Felt-tip pens or paint
– PVA glue
– Scissors

Step one

From a very large cardboard box, cut four panels in the shape above. Cut one shape from each side of your box, or use more than one box if one side isn’t big enough. These will form the body of the spacecraft, and you want to fit inside it!

Step two

Lay the shapes flat on the floor next to each other, with the tall sides touching. Tape the pieces together along these seams.

Step three

Stand the pieces upright and wrap them around so the open edges touch. Tape together this last side. Fold all the pointed tops in towards each other and tape in place.

Step four

From cardboard, cut four identical fin shapes, as shown. Make each one about half the height of the rocket. Cover them in foil or paint them silver.

Step five

Tape one fin to each corner of the rocket body, at a height so that the fin sits a few centimetres above the floor. Use tape on both sides of the fins to hold them securely in place.

Step six

Ask a grown-up to help cut a door on one side of the spacecraft, as shown, as well as a handle in the door and a round window on each of the other three side panels.

Step seven

Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard and bend in the bottom edge, as shown. Draw a screen, then glue on circles cut from cardboard to make buttons. Tape the control panel to the inside of the rocket. Decorate your rocket with moons, stars and planets – or your own unique design!

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