For our latest writing competition we partnered up with Eurocamp to seek out the best adventure stories from our young explorers. Here six-year-old runner-up Oskar gives us a trip report from his dinosaur hunting in the south of France.


On a dinosaur hunt!

Where did all the dinosaurs go? I learned about dinosaurs in school and this summer I had a big surprise!

I went to the south of France with my family. One hot day we were driving and saw a huge dinosaur hidden in the trees. We followed the signs and found out it was a dinosaur museum where we could go hunt for them on outdoor trails.

I spotted all kinds – herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. I could tell because of their teeth and told my parents what they ate when they were alive. I was expecting them to all be huge, but they were all different sizes. I couldn’t believe that some were even smaller than me, like the Dilong dinosaur.

There were so many fossils too. I spotted some dinosaur eggs and learned that the round ones were carnivores and that the chicken-egg-shaped ones were herbivores.

It really was like going back in time. I can’t believe that the dinosaurs are gone now and that they actually lived and roamed in France, but I would like to go back again and take my friends to visit.

We had a ‘roaring’ great time!

Congratulations to Oskar! Check out the winning entry here:

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