Find space in your backpack for My Vacation Drawing Book © Lonely Planet

Pencils and colouring pens at the ready! Be inspired to draw, sketch or scribble your adventures with our brand new drawing book (US edition/UK edition). Whether you’re away on a trip abroad, exploring your own country or discovering the world outside your own front door, get creative with these free activity sheets.

Moody people

It’s all in the expression! Add different types of eyes and mouths to sketches of people to give them a look or a mood. Happy, confused, sleepy or any other feeling… you choose!

> Download activity sheet

Crazy creatures

Start with a triangle, a circle, a square or a completely crazy shape of your choice. Then, turn it into an animal! You’ll be surprised with what you can come up with. You might create some of your own unusual critters…

> Download activity sheet


From the birds around you to those found on the other side of the world… Use this step-by-step drawing guide to help you draw different species of birds, then start your own designs!

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If you’re a budding artist, get sketching with more artistic doodling guides and scenes in our brand new title, My Holiday/Vacation Drawing Book.