Lapland was one big adventure for Marco and Amelia

Phew! That was an adventure-fuelled trip. Amelia and I just got back from snowy Lapland in Finland and I’m really excited to tell you all about it.

We arrived at our chalet for the next few nights and unpacked our bags. Amelia was busy organising her things but I couldn’t wait to get out and start exploring!

I managed to persuade her to head out into the wilderness. Making sure I’d packed my camera, we set out on a hiking adventure. We covered frozen lakes, snowy mountains and forests. It really was a winter wonderland!

Along the way, Amelia and our guide stopped to map out the route when I spotted some reindeer in a clearing beyond some trees! We quietly made our way over and I got to take some snaps.

Marco and Amelia glimpsed wild reindeer in Finland

We then headed back to our base, where we met with a local Sami guide who took us on a reindeer sleigh ride! The Sami are the only indigenous people of Scandinavia. Many Sami own and herd reindeer, so we were very excited to meet these people and get a true sense of what their life is like in this wild snowy landscape.

In the evening we decided to head out to see the famous Northern Lights. You can’t see them all year round, but Amelia had done her research and was hopeful that we’d picked the right time.

Marco and Amelia were captivated by the colourful Northern Lights

I was determined to get some good pictures of them, so I put my camera to just the right setting. We were in luck! The bright green and purple colours shone all across the skies. It was definitely one of the most spectacular experiences of my life.

The next day was action-packed again – just how I like it! Husky sledding was by far my favourite activity in Lapland. And we got to drive our own dog sleds!

Following the husky dogs through the snow covered forests of Lapland

Amelia challenged me to a race. I have to hand it to her – she JUST about inched past me at the last minute! The huskies were so friendly; they were so excited before, during and after the ride. I got a few snaps of the dogs afterwards.

The huskies were so excited to take Marco and Amelia on a ride!

After all the outdoor activities we took part in, we were given a lovely hot stew to warm up!

The next morning we got up super early to catch the sun rise over the frosty horizon. I have to admit, I’m glad Amelia did her research for this because daylight is a rare sight in winter in Finland. That might sound a bit scary but thankfully twilight lasts for over 12 hours at the moment so it’s never completely dark, and Amelia’s always got more than enough equipment with her in case it does!

The spectacular sunrise across the Lapland lodges in winter

Later that day, we took a cable car up the mountain to the Samiland Exhibition in Levi, where we learned about the history of the Sami people and their way of life. My favourite part of the exhibition was seeing the traditional Sami houses made from big logs and warm, brightly coloured clothes and learning how the Sami people have lived in these cold climates for over thousands of years.

I’m so glad we got to experience a true winter wonderland and get involved in local activities. We absolutely loved exploring the snowy landscapes and enchanting wildlife. I really was in my element here amongst Lapland’s spectacular natural beauty – it was hard to head back home!