1. The planet’s coolest jobs: professional knight at Warwick Castle

    Imagine having to dress in a full suit of armour, complete with sword, to go to work every day… Well, that’s…

  2. The planet’s coolest jobs: LEGOLAND® model maker

    From spaceships to mansions, curious creatures to futuristic machines, there’s nothing you can’t build out of LEGO®. With just a pile…

  3. The planet’s coolest jobs: airline pilot

    We chat to pilot James Cahill about what it’s like to be in charge of an aircraft and spend your days at work tens of thousands of feet in the air.

  4. The planet’s coolest jobs: bookstore owners

    We talk to Maureen and Jessica, owners of the US’ oldest children’s bookstore, to learn what it’s like to spend your life surrounded by stories…

  5. The planet’s coolest jobs: octopus keeper

    We talk to Alicia Bitondo, Cephalopod Aquarist at Monterey Bay Aquarium, to find out what it’s like to work with weird and wonderful creatures of the deep.

  6. The planet’s coolest jobs: computer game designer

    We all have our favourite video games, but have you ever wondered how the colourful creatures and otherworldly environments within them…

  7. The planet’s coolest jobs: costume designer

    In this month’s Planet’s Coolest Jobs we chat to Theresa Wilson, who works as a costume designer for theatre and opera performances.

  8. The planet’s coolest jobs: radio DJ

    We catch up with Sean Thorne, radio DJ at Fun Kids Radio, to find out what it’s like to present live on air, and work with a robot!

  9. The planet’s coolest jobs: children’s book translator

    Lonely Planet Kids caught up with book translator Sarah Ardizzone, who has translated children’s books from all over the world.

  10. The planet’s coolest jobs: redwood tree doctor

    Plant the seed of inspiration with the latest in our cool careers interview series. This month, we’re talking to redwood tree doctor, Emily Burns.